Sustaining A Good Sexual Rapport With Your Partner

A good relationship includes having a good sex life.  But sustaining a healthy, interesting sex life can be challenging.  Here are 8 tips from a New York City psychotherapist, which can help you turn 2014 into a banner year in the bedroom.

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Break-Up Headlines To Start-The New Year



2014 is already off to a great start, as far as break-up-related headlines.  Here are just a few:

Seth Peterson, star of Burn Notice’s wife Kylee Cochran, also an actress, has filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage alleging he cheated on her with a 22-year-old.

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan has allegedly asked a judge in his divorce proceedings to deny his estranged wife Linda Kozlowski spousal support after 23 years of marriage.   

And a new movie set for a limited release in January 2014 called DIVORCE CORP. documents the $50 billion a year and growing divorce “industry”.  Through interviews with the top divorce lawyers in the U.S., mediators, judges, litigants and others, this film uncovers the underbelly of the family court system.

On a positive note:  

Khloe Kardashian and former NBA player Lamar Odom list their mansion in Hollywood Hills for $5.5 Million after filing for divorce and stand to make about $1.5 million in profit if they get their price.

And separating couples in England and Wales will find it less expensive to get un-hitched.  The overseas court system will help avoid protracted court battles through the use of mediation services.

Changing Your Name Can Be A Feminist Choice

Career women and 21st Century women don’t have to keep their maiden names just to prove they are a feminist.  Sometimes changing your name can be the smart-move.

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Catch of the Day

You have witchcraft in your lips.

Shakespeare, Henry V – Act 5, Scene 2

Great Date Idea

Summer is a great time to fill your picnic basket., grab a blanket and head for the beach or a park for a picnic.

Photo by: theswedish on SXC.hu
Photo by: theswedish on SXC.hu

HowAboutWe Acquires Nerve.Com

HowAboutWe, a subscription-based club, that provides “date ideas” to singles and couples has announced the acquisition of Nerve.com.  This acquisition will allow HowAboutWe to build a lifestyle media network.


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Quick Tips on Approaching Women

Men sometimes need a push to be the pursuer. Here are 10 tips to give you that leg-up while you’re working up your nerve to go after “her”.

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Hmmm: What About Chivalry?

Old-fashioned doesn’t have to be out-of-fashion.  Indeed, a little bit of chivalry can make a big impression, especially on those early dates when you are just getting to know one another.


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Calling All Knights In Shining Armor

Old-fashioned good dating manners can go a long way to make a big impression, especially on those early dates when you are just getting to know one another.  Women love having the door held open for them, even though that may seem old-school.  Chivalry can make a come-back, and it will if every knight in shining armor would just “get busy” turning on the charm.


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When Your Ex-Boyfriend Finally Gets Married

How do you feel when you find out that your ex-boyfriend has finally gotten married?  One woman shares her annoyance at finding out through social media.

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In The Dating Race: Be Like The Tortoise And Not The Hare

The slow, steady pace of the tortoise can serve you well in the dating world when so many people are apt to sprint, like the hare, toward a finish line that ends up in a relationship that is finished before it ever gets started.

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